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Bad habits that stop you from getting rich

Bad habits that stop you from getting rich

According to the Indian Shastras, these bad habits can stop you from getting rich.

Not keeping your washroom clean

There are many people who have the habit of leaving their bathroom dirty and wet after their shower. However, as per the Shashtras, this habit can result in the moon in your horoscope to go into a really bad position.

Not cleaing your plate

According to the Shashtras, one must always clean their plate after using. It is a bad habit to leave the plate as it is. Leaving food on the plate is also considered a bad habit.

Not keeping your bed clean

Keeping your household clean is very important. According to Shastras and Vedas one must always leave their footwear outside the house. One must also keep their bed clean. Clearing the bed is considered to bring good luck.

Staying up late at night

As per Shastras, staying up late at night can cause the moon in your horoscope to give bad vibes. The bed must also be cleaned every morning.

Spitting at wrong places

It is said that spitting at wrong places can bring you bad luck. As per Shastras, not keeping your surroundings clean can anger goddess Lakshmi to be angry.

Sweeping after sunset

Sweeping after sunset is considered inauspicious. As per the Shashtras, it is said that sweeping after sunset means that you are cleaning all your happiness and good luck.

Vaastu for wealth

There are several Vaastu rules that will supposedly bring wealth for you. Following these rules will make the Goddess Lakshmi happy according to the Shastras.

The above mentioned rules are based on the Indian Shastras. Following them will bring wealth according to them. However, those rules have a good chance to improve your lifestyle. Avoiding bad habits can make you healthier for sure.

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