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Baba who has followers like Mark Zuckerberg

Baba who has followers like Mark Zuckerberg

Do you know the spiritual guru Neeb Karori Baba? Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook went to the ashram of Neeb Karori with just a book in his hands. He received that advice to visit this ashram from late Apple founder Steve Jobs!

At the time Mark Zuckerberg has visited the ashram, Facebook was yet to become a habit of billion and a half people. Zuckerberg visited the ashram of Neeb Karori who died in 1973 but still continues to give enlightenment to many high-profile Americans.

This visit was not exactly very well known by many people. However, during the Indian prime minister’s US tour last week, Zuckerberg mentioned to Narendra Modi about his visit to a temple in India at the time of early stages of Facebook on the advice of Apple founder Steve Jobs. This reveal has shocked and surprised many.

Zuckerberg stated that Jobs told him about the temple and how in order to reconnect with what he believed as the mission of the company he should visit this temple. Jobs also told Zuckerberg that he himself went to India in the beginning stages of finding a path about what he wanted Apple and his future vision to be. Zuckerberg told this to Modi when they met at the Facebook headquarters.

The ashram was visited by many other big celebrities looking for enlightenment one of them being Hollywood start Julia Roberts. The ashram has five shrines including a Hanuman shrine. Many devotees of the Baba believe him to be incarnate of the monkey god. Zuckerberg stayed at the ashram for two days. He went to the ashram with just a book in his hand and did not even have a change of clothes. He wore a trouser which was torn at one knee.

It is quite surprising and inspiring that two great tech gurus of the world once took comfort in a small temple in India.

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