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Assisted Reproduction Techniques increasing in India

Assisted Reproduction Techniques

Shubha and Niting, a Thane couple who are in their 30s haven’t had children despite being perfectly fertile. They have been visiting an IVF clinic since two months. The reason for this is that they both carry a faulty gene which increases the chance of bearing a child with thalassemia. Thalassemia is a rare blood disorder which would require weekly blood transfusions. In order to solve this chance of thalassemia, they can seek a test tube baby. In a test tube baby, this problem can be removed. Any chance of thalassemia can be ruled out.

Examples like this can show how useful assisted reproduction techniques (ART) are. Methods like this can be helpful for infertile couples to have children. ART methods can be helpful for satisfying the desire of these couples. These artificial methods are also useful in removing any genetic disorders and result in healthy babies. This is especially helpful for parents who can have troubles related to genetic disorders. Now these parents can have children knowing that the children won’t be affected by the same genetic disorders that affected them.

A process called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis will be helpful in finding the embryos which do not have genetic defects. The embryos will be carefully monitored and the safest and best embryo will be implanted in the woman’s womb. This technique is called PGD. Even though PGD is not new, it is fast evolving and advancing. These methods are helping a lot of couples become parents.

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