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Apps that can boost your productivity

Apps that can boost your productivity

In the modern age, everyone is looking for ways to speed up their work. Technology is a great way to help make your life easier. Your own smartphone can be used to improve various aspects of your life. Here are some great apps that you can use to speed up your productivity.


Feedly is a great app which brings you news updates. One can choose the topics which they want to browse. You can even choose the websites from which you want to read. This helps you find news you want with ease.

Google drive

This is one of the best apps to store and access documents. You can easily access information or use it as a backup from anywhere. You can easily upload documents from your phone and access it from your PC.


Quip is a multi-purpose tool. With this app, you can create lists, documents and spreadsheets. Once you made the files you want, you can easily share them with your contacts and even chat with them. You don’t need separate apps for that. You can even pin important documents to the home screen.


WeRIndia app is the leading India news source app. This app makes you aware of all the latest happenings of India. Everyone has different interests, so whether you like sports news, celebrity news, Bollywood news, political news, music or fashion news, WeRIndia makes it easy to find news from your favourite news sources across a variety of categories at one place.


Those who read often find themselves slacking other work for the sake of reading. This can destroy your productivity. Pocket is an app which can help you mark articles for the sake of reading later. You can save pictures and mark videos to watch later too.


Many people find it difficult to remember all the things they have to do in a day. Instead of using post-it, you can use this app. You can add all your important tasks in the app and sync it across all platforms. You can plan in advance for 7 days with this app.


Evernote is a simple app which lets you take notes, pictures, audio clips and videos. You can sync them across all platforms. You can upload content up to 60MB in the free version.

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