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Wooden balance bicycle that grows

Wooden balance bicycle that grows

Children like bicycle riding. However, balance bikes or cycles help improve their motor skills. Balance bikes do not have pedals or brakes.

20-year-old Prem Kale designed special bicycles for children. He founded Vamshycle to make balance bicycles.

These bikes are designed for young children to help improve their balance. They are less complicated and provides more fun to children. They need less maintenance compared to conventional bikes.

Prem Kale, a school dropout from Pune exhibited his model product at a fair in Pune. Now it is available on Amazon and the company’s website.

Prem has a passion for creating new things and wanted to design a folding cycle. He dropped out of school to pursue his passion. He watched several videos on designing a folding cycle and succeeded after many trials and errors.

Later, he wants to design a balance bike using wood. He started working on it and succeeded after a few trials. He named it Tipayi. This lightweight cycle has no pedals or brakes. The height of the cycle seat can be adjusted and thus the cycle grows as your kid grows. An instruction manual is provided for this.

The body of the cycle is made from Russian Birch Plywood which is imported from Russia. It is weather-resistant. It is durable as well.

Vamshycle has different variants of the cycle for different age group of children. Besides, it can be adapted to different ages of a child’s growth. A tricycle is for children aged between 18 months and 2.5 years, which can be changed two wheels for children aged between 2.5 years and 3.5 years which can have the adjustable height for children aged between 3.5 years and 5 years.

If you buy a cycle when your child is 18 months, it can be used until they attain 5 years. Price of the bikes varies, starting from ₹3,499.

Image Credit: Vamshycle

Image Reference: https://www.vamshycle.com/product-page/3in1-wow-panda

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