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ViNi Toys offer high-quality tricycles

ViNi Toys offer high-quality tricycles

ViNi Toys, a renowned children’s toy and bicycle manufacturer located in Hospet, Karnataka, has established itself as a leading brand in India.

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Santosh Nag Pathikonda, ViNi Toys aims to provide top-notch toys and tricycles for both local and international markets.

The startup derives its name from Santosh’s children, Virat and Nihitha, reflecting its commitment to delivering a customer-centric experience with deep-rooted values.

Safety is of paramount importance to ViNi Toys, as they recognize the integral role toys play in childhood. They ensure superior quality by using the finest grade plastic materials suitable for children.

Additionally, ViNi Toys prioritizes the health of children by utilizing BPA-free and food-safe materials in the manufacturing process. The brand has also obtained the BIS certification, further bolstering its commitment to safety and quality.

ViNi Toys differentiates itself by manufacturing approximately 85% of its components in-house. By doing so, they maintain stringent control over the production process, ensuring exceptional quality standards.

The brand specializes in manufacturing ride-ons and toys for children. It includes an extensive range of products such as Tri-Cycles, Walkers, and Magic Cars.

These offerings are designed to foster the development of a child’s motor skills while providing the utmost comfort through innovative seat designs.

ViNi Toys endeavours to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers. The startup mainly focuses on customer satisfaction,

Their competitively priced products cater to consumer needs, making them accessible to families across India. The brand takes pride in its zero-sharp-edge policy, guaranteeing complete safety for children.

They strive to create memorable first-riding experiences by equipping their ride-on products with rubber grip handles for toddlers.

ViNi Toys understands the importance of aesthetics and entertainment in children’s bicycles. Their bicycles come in multiple vibrant colours, allowing children to choose their favourite.

Furthermore, an entertainment system is integrated into the bicycles, ensuring an enjoyable ride every minute. The brand’s extensive experience of over ten years enables them to offer high-durability tires, contributing to the overall satisfaction of their customers.

Looking ahead, ViNi Toys is determined to expand its manufacturing capacity and customer base.

The startup aims to achieve overall growth while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

Santosh Nag Pathikonda, the visionary founder, envisions a future where ViNi Toys continues to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families, strengthening the bond between parents and their little ones.

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