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Waste turns into fertilizer to grow organic veggies

Waste turns into fertilizer to grow organic veggies

Nowadays, many health-conscious people prefer to grow organic vegetables in their backyards or balconies.

Many residents of gated communities are collectively growing organic vegetables and fruits with natural fertilizers.

Emgee Greens society in Mumbai is one such community. The residents don’t want to waste their kitchen garbage. They convert kitchen garbage into fertilizer.

Emgee Greens society has 131 families. They generate around 60 kg of wet waste and kitchen garbage each day. Knowing the potential of kitchen garbage, they want to utilize it efficiently.

They decided to dump the waste in the backyard to convert it into fertilizer using the aerobic composting method. Thus, it became the zero garbage society as the municipality did not collect garbage from the residents for nearly two years.

Emgee Greens generated one tonne of fertilizer. But, no one bought fertilizer from them. Hence, the residents of the society wanted to use it for growing organic vegetables and fruits.

While a few residents use it to grow flowers, others use it to grow leafy vegetables on their balconies.

Using the organic fertilizer, the residents of Emgee Greens grew 90 kgs of vegetables in a month. These include tomatoes, cauliflower, bitter gourd, chillies, spinach, fenugreek etc. All these self-grown organic vegetables are tasty. It improved their confidence to grow more vegetables and fruits on their own.

While some residents are interested in growing organic vegetables, other residents help them whenever the need arises.

The society conducts farming sessions and workshops every Sunday. Interested individuals attend the sessions.

Now, many residents are interested in terrace farming. Emgee Greens spends ₹11,000 per month on terrace farming.

It became a role model to other gated communities in Mumbai. Several people also want to grow organic vegetables using kitchen garbage.

Image by Chanda Johnson from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/garden-vegetables-vegetable-garden-1387011/

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