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Waste cooking oil to bio fuel


In another invention towards conserving energy and minimizing waste, IIT Delhi students have created a new technology which can convert waste cooking oil into bio fuel.

It is found in statistics that India has the highest waste of cooking oil. By converting this waste cooking oil, the energy deficit of India can be solved by 25 to 30 percent. Students at IIT Delhi have come up with a new innovation called Decentralized Biodiesel Production which can be used by small hotels, restaurants and even households to convert their daily cooking oil into bio diesel within a few minutes.

The team of students named FAME consists of members Abhishek Sharma, Harshit Agarwal, and MohitSoni. The team has collected waste cooking oil from their own homes and several small hotels and started researching. They finally came up with a prototype called FAME One. They choose to convert it into biodiesel because it was easily adaptable to any engine and was cheaper compared to solar and wind energy.

The machine itself is about the size of washing machine. It takes about one hour to convert waste cooking oil into biodiesel. They first thought a creating a centralized hub to collect the waste fuel.

However they realized this is too costly and wanted to distribute it as something easily affordable.

The team has won the GE Edison challenge recently and has won a cash prize of Rs.10,00,000 which will be utilized by them for further research on technology and to bring the product into market.

Image Reference: thebetterindia

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