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UK Man building ecofriendly houses in India

UK Man building ecofriendly houses in India

Jamie Waltham, a 37-year-old man from UK is helping Indian housing become eco-friendlier. He follows the saying of ‘lead by example’.

Jamie has first built a farm house in a farm in Honennahalli in Karnataka’s Tumakuru District. It is three hours of driving from Bengaluru.

Jamie has made sure that the house he built is not only eco-friendly but also low cost keeping in mind with the requirement of poor people.

What’s amazing with this home is that it runs on fresh air and sunlight. Jamie built it on a 220 sq ft plot. It was installed with solar panels and a sewage managing unit. It generates enough power and has enough space to house up to six people.

That is not all, the house only took two months to build. The construction cost Jamie just about ₹1.5 lakh.

Since it has been such a success, Jamie intends to take his eco-friendly house idea further and spread it to the many homeless people in India.

Jamie used to be a businessman from East Yorkshire. He saw that one of the common problems in developing nations is that they lack basic necessities. This disturbed Jamie and he felt strongly to help them. He chose India because he was attracted to the place.

Jamie says that the world has enough money to provide everyone with basic facilities. With that idea in mind, he came to Mumbai first. After realizing how hard it is to get land in the city, he moved to outskirts of Bengaluru.

With the help of another entrepreneur named Uzair Ahmed, Jamie saw the potential in setting up his low cost home there.

He collected all the required materials by making several trips to various locations. After completing his first house, he wants to now give it to a villager.

He now plans to go back to England and come back with more volunteers for a larger scale building of low cost homes.


Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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