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Man built house from waste

Man built house from waste

Building a normal home impacts the environment to some extent, as it involves cutting of plants for wood or usage of construction materials like cement and all.

However, most people find no alternate sources or methods while constructing their homes.

But, this Kerala man thought differently and built an eco-friendly home with waste materials.

This is not a small home. The home he built has measured at 12,000 square feet. But, he did not cut a single tree to build this home nor did hurt the environment in any other way.

Biju Abraham from Kerala noted that many elderly people in his home town do not receive proper care. So, he wanted to build a home for them so that all of them would receive proper care and attention that they need.

He investigated traditional methods and techniques that were used to construct a building in ancient India.

He bought 24 houses which are in an unusable condition in an auction. He demolished the houses and the used the materials like foundation stones, tiles, bricks etc. to build the home for elderly.

For the roofs, he preferred traditional tiling methods instead of regular methods that are being used. He tried as much as he can to obtain material for a low cost so that the saved money can be paid to the labourers for better living conditions.

Now Abraham’s dream home was finished. It was designed by RD Padmakumar with 15 private rooms. It is equipped with many facilities such as wheelchair access for the elderly.

Man built house from waste

Man built house from waste

He proudly says that this home was built without cutting a single tree.

He hopes his effort would motivate others, especially youth to recognize the significance of natural resources and their usage in a sustainable manner.

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