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Tips to create a great terrace garden

Tips to create a great terrace garden

Dr. Vishwanath Kadur is considered the father of Terrace gardening. If you are one of the people who are interested in terrace garden and are looking for tips on how to start, read on to find tips given by the father himself.

Getting the space

If your house is properly built, then the terrace can take the weight of the plants and even bigger trees. You can also cover your terrace surface with soil to make a lawn. However, you have to make sure you water proof the surface to prevent leakages into your home.

Getting the soil

Now that you have the space to garden, it is time to choose the right soil. Finding the right soil with good nutrients is important for growth of plants. After heavy rains, you must add nutrients to the soil to make sure the washed away nutrients are replenished.

Start small

If you are gardening for the first time, it is important to start slowly with a small pot and single vegetable. You can later expand to other vegetables. Start with plants like tomatoes and chilies as they are easier to take care of.

What can be grown on terrace garden? Dr. Kadur says “everything”. He states that he has even seen a coconut tree on a terrace garden.

Other tips

Watering the plants is a must every day. The plants must be watered twice a day in summer. During winters, you can check the moisture by pressing the soil with your hand. Plants should not be watered immediately after rains as excess water can wash away nutrients.

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