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Telangana students make organic chalks

Telangana students make organic chalks

Chalks are used by teachers to write on the blackboard. However, they generate dust. As these chalks are made from chemicals like gypsum, they lead to many harmful effects and cause health issues like eye irritation. They also impact the lungs adversely.

To replace gypsum chalks, two government students from Telangana made chalks with natural ingredients.  P Harshit Verma and K Rudra from Telangana State Model School (TSMS) in Bangari Guda, Adilabad made these organic chalks using rice flour, natural clay and essential oils like neem oil and lemon oil.

The duo observed the harmful effects of gypsum chalks whenever their teachers write on the blackboard. They said that they feel discomfort with the dust generated by gypsum chalks.

To prevent such harmful effects of these chalks, the duo wanted to make chalks using natural ingredients that do not have any harmful effects. Hence they used rice flour, clay, and essential oils to make these chalks. They also mixed camphor and naturally extracted substances. Besides, they used natural fragrances like rose water to make these chalks aromatic.

The natural aromatic essence of these chalks creates a feel-good environment in the classroom. Rudra and Harshit said that there are many schools and colleges across the country. These educational institutes use gypsum chalks to write on blackboards.

While most of them are not aware of the harmful effects of these chalks, a few of them ignore them despite knowing the fact. Besides, most of them do not find alternatives to these chemical chalks, hence they go traditionally. Now that the duo created an organic alternative to chemical chalks using natural ingredients, they can choose these chalks. Organic material can replace chemical substances in a better way. The duo appealed all such educational institutions to use these organic chalks made by them.

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    congrates team for innovative products. i want to share for marketing to spreduse of natural chalk all over india,.pl provide detail business model to get this chalk for supplying to educational institutional chain. pl send contact deatils for communicate for further contacting purpose

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