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This society saves ₹20 lakh by fighting water scarcity

This society saves ₹20 lakh by fighting water scarcity

Summers of scorching heat tend to go together with water shortages, and every year people spend much money on tankers for urban residents.

However, for the past decade, the Roseland Residency in the suburbs of Pune has been implementing Rainwater Harvesting, and they have not had to buy a single tanker since then.

Tired of having to buy tanks every summer for the 2,500 residents living there, the society for the Residency agreed on a new sustainable solution like rainwater harvesting.

After research on different models of this type of harvesting, they decided on a pilot project to refill the residency’s bore wells. Implemented at first in six buildings in 2009, in each year, seven or eight buildings had the system added.

Today, twenty-two bore wells are filled with rainwater from the monsoon season, saving quite an amount of money every year.

Not only have they been tanker free, but the society has also lowered its water consumption from other innovative solutions such as adjusting the flush angle of toilets, curbing almost thirty percent of their original water consumption.

They have also taken other steps to a sustainable lifestyle, such as solutions to save energy such as the installation of CFL and LED lightbulbs, saving on electricity each month.

This society saves ₹20 lakh by fighting water scarcity

This society saves ₹20 lakh by fighting water scarcity


Also, since there was no park in the area, the society began a conduction of a plantation drive in the society, now home to over three thousand plants such as mango and blackberry.

An increase in birds in this greenery also brought over people to see them, which was a joy for the residency.

By setting up a one hundred percent-segregated waste system, they are also making forward moves in waste management. They aim to keep making environment-friendly improvements in the future, and are open to all ideas that benefit the people.

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