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Be a social entrepreneur for Rs.99,000

Be a social entrepreneur for Rs.99,000

The rural youth of India can earn an additional income with the help of a social enterprise. This enterprise can also at the same time provide clean drinking water to the villagers as it is huge necessity.

All that it needs is Rs.99, 000 as initial investment and it can help in getting a profit of about Rs.30,000. 3 million folks die per annum In India as a result of consuming unsafe drinking water. There are an approximate of twenty crore folks underneath the age of thirty five who are unemployed. A solution has been created to solve both these issues to some extent.

The solution was designed by Smaat India Pvt. Ltd., a company providing clean drinking water solutions at reasonable costs to marginalized communities.

In order to be a part of the solution, one needs three hundred sq. ft. of house and Rs.99,000.Using this a social enterprise can be stared which helps not only with India’s clean drinking water drawback but additionally alter lives of unemployed youth in villages.

The affordable technology known as the Water ATM takes only a number of minutes to convert unclean water into safe drinkable water. The water ATM is capable of producing 3,000 litres of unpolluted drinking water in about a day. The plant has a life of around ten years.

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