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Megha Gupta is transforming Slum Dwellers to Entrepreneurs

Megha Gupta is transforming Slum Dwellers to Entrepreneurs

Here is the story of Megha Gupta who met the slum dwellers of Dharavi and formed an amazing e commerce platform to make their lives better. Dharavi is consider the biggest slum of Mumbai and it is also a great economic zone.

In order to help the dwellers there, Megha Gupta has founded to promote the slum and create benefits both economically and socially.

The website will act as a platform or marketplace which sells for leather product manufacturers, potters, shoe-makers, jewelers and other accessory makers. These makers can find buyers from domestic and international markets.

This is a for profit initiative which provides reasonable money to the skilled craftsmen and labourers. It also provides buyers with word class products from these makers.

However, the website is more than just e commerce. It provides these dwellers with better homes and economy. It created many jobs and helped them make a proper and stable living. “This is about fulfilling a dream, it’s not work” says Megha about her initiative. She has spent six months to understand how things work in Dharavi.

In 2012, when E commerce was booming, Gupta had the idea of bringing all these skilled craftsmen into it.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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