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A smart Ice cream cart

A smart Ice cream cart

On a hot day, street vendors selling ice cream generally run into problems like not being able to keep their stock frozen. However, meet this man with a unique solution for this problem. Mahesh Rathi, a 40 year old man has come up with a solution to use the very sun which melts ice cream to keep it cool.

Mr. Rathi a Mumbai based businessman visited Delhi last year. On a hot day, he chose to cool him down with a refreshing ice cream. When he bought an orange bar, he realized that it was already melting. The melting was something that could not be helped as the vendor could not do anything because of low voltage which stopped his freezer.

Mahesh then started thinking of what he could do to help these street vendors. A year after that day, he managed to develop a solar powered ice cream cart – “Smart Kart” after a lot of hard work. Mahesh had three years of experience in solar energy by then. He used his expertise to develop the cart.

The cart has a refrigerator which works on a 12 volt battery. This is an improvement to the regular ice cream carts which use dry ice that becomes ineffective easily. These carts have the minimum temperature of only minus 5 degrees Celsius.

The battery in the Smart Kart refrigerator maintains the temperature of the cart between minus 15 and minus 18 degrees Celsius. The battery can operate for 24 to 30 hours after a single full charge. The cart also has a solar panel attached to top of the cart. The panel is useful in charging the battery with the help of solar energy during the day. Smart Kart also has space to install an RO water filter. Using this, vendors will be able to sell cold water for just Rs. 2 per glass. It also has a mobile charging unit. Now, the cart is not available in market because of lack of funds. However, Mahesh plans to start a rent a cart business model when he can.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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