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Shape-shifting Furniture

Shape-shifting furniture

Have you ever heard of shape-shifting furniture? How good it would be since it is useful in small homes that lack space to accommodate all these types of furniture?

Madhur Sharma, an architecture student in Noida thought about it. His hostel room was very small and could not accommodate many types of furniture.

So, he wanted to design furniture that can serve many purposes. He designed it in his first year of graduation. However, it took two years for him to bring a final shape to it.

He won many awards for his design. While designing, he mainly focused on people compromising in small apartments in buying good furniture. He also considered social, economic and environmental factors.

The furniture has three joints. They can be bolted together by nuts so that the furniture can be transformed into different shapes or forms.

One piece of a wood cube can shift into 14 shapes. Some of them include coffee table, center table, bench, side table, television unit etc.

The total cost of one unit is ₹12,000. This furniture uses just a one-cubic foot space.

His furniture is user-friendly. Besides, if one block of furniture gets damaged, users can replace that single block instead of throwing out the whole piece.

Moreover, it is easy to alter, maintain, replace and transport. When his prototype was displayed in many college exhibitions, a few fashion designers and architects joined him to understand the design better.

Their reviews encouraged him to do more furniture units. He had designed 10 more furniture models and out of them, seven are multifunctional.

If anybody wants to order his furniture, he/she can contact him on his email and place orders.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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