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School teacher’s jugaad – Mobile library on Scooty

School teacher’s jugaad – Mobile library on Scooty

Due to a sharp spike in coronavirus cases in the country, many states decided to shut schools. Some states opened schools for a few months and again shut them. But, some other states have been continuing their shut down since the onset of COVID-19 in the country.

Madhya Pradesh is one among them. Here schools reopened for classes 10 and 12 in December 2020. The Education Ministry decided to reopen schools for classes 1 to 8 from April 1, 2021.

Though many schools conduct online classes, many students cannot attend them due to a lack of internet connection. Many state governments air lessons on Doordarshan. But, in some places where there is a lack of constant power supply, students cannot access them.

In this context, a government school teacher from Madhya Pradesh came up with an innovative idea to teach his kids.

Chandra Shrivastava set up a mini-library and boxes of other essential teaching aids on his scooty. He carries a blackboard along with textbooks to explain the concepts to students. The mobile library has textbooks and notebooks. He visits rural children to teach them.

He provides some books to students free of cost. He also gives textbooks and storybooks to students. But, students have to return them within a specified time.

He teaches them Mathematics and other subjects. Students recite poetry aloud in union using a mic. Besides, they explain its meaning also.

Chandra says that most of these rural children are poor. They can’t afford smartphones. In addition to that, they don’t have access to internet connectivity. As a result, they can’t attend online classes. That’s why he decided to reach them.

Since the students don’t have network connectivity, Chandra download videos before visiting them. He shows them on his mobile and explains them. Parents appreciated his dedication and expressed their gratitude for his concern towards their children.

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