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Sadhvi’s Menstrual Kit for Visually Challenged Girls

menstrual kit for blind girls

It is difficult for women to solve their menstrual problems. Several ailments and mood swings are common. To make matters worse, many myths and restrictions are associated in India with menstruation which are difficult to tackle by girls. In this scenario, what is the condition of visually impaired girls and who thinks about them? Sadhvi Thukral thinks about them and made a menstrual Kit – Kahani Her Mahine Ki exclusively for visually impaired girls. She is a Delhi based designer and made this kit after she found that there is not much information available for visually challenged girls about menstruation.

The kit consists of diagrams and information slides along with labels in Braille, life-sized model of human body and various parts of the body. The information provided with this kit is in Braille to help the visually impaired girls. The motive of designing this kit is to offer a complete attitude towards providing the basic necessary information about menstruation to visually impaired girls.

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