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Rural roti maker that can make 180 rotis per hour

Rural roti maker that can make 180 rotis per hour

Bommai N. comes from the small village of Bukkasandra in Karnataka. This 41-year-old man has always had an interest in innovation.

At first, he tried to innovate new machines in his cycle shop.

Now, he has his very own licensed workshop. Due to the financial constraints of Bommai’s family, he was not able to study much.

He had to drop out after a Job-Oriented Course (JOC) in sericulture. However, financial troubles have not stopped Bommai.

He has continued to innovate on products that can reduce rural household labor.

Recently, he has made a machine that can make the process of roti making much easier.

Bommai has always been annoyed at the great manual effort it takes for women to make a large number of rotis. He himself is a huge lover of rotis.

It always hurt him to see his mother perform the painstaking task of rolling and frying chapatis.

Therefore, Bommai decided to make a simple machine to ease the process of making rotis.

Traditionally, rotis are made by rotating a rolling pin over a smooth and stable wooden surface to flatten out the dough.

Bommai took inspiration from this old method to build his machine.

His roti maker keeps the rolling pin stable, while inserted plate-like structures rotate and roll out the roti.

Bommai’s roti maker can work on both alternating current (AC) and solar power.

Rural roti maker that can make 180 rotis per hour

Rural roti maker that can make 180 rotis per hour

It costs ₹15,000. The machine weighs only 6 kilograms. It is portable and easy to operate.

The roti maker is the size of a normal induction stove. It can flatten up to 180 chapatis or rotis in an hour, which can go directly into the frying pan.

Bommai’s mother is very happy with the roti maker, and other women in his village have also used and appreciated his innovative machine.

If he gets appropriate monetary support, Bommai would love to take his innovation to a larger audience under the “Make in India” campaign.

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