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Pink auto app for safer rides

Pink auto app for safer rides

Often, it is difficult for women to find safe transportation when commuting around crowded cities.

To help solve this issue, Ranchi Women’s College created pink autos, which were made to improve the safety of city travel for women.

Now, Tygr, an application-based passenger service from Kolkata, has decided to join forces with pink autos to create an app for the service. Officials at Tygr say that this is the first app-based passenger service entirely made for women.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tygr, Aditya Poddar, has said how this app will massively improve the convenience of safe women’s transport.

Poddar also emphasizes how the convenience of this app will further improve the “hassle-free” policy of the pink autos. The app works simply, much like any other passenger service app. After downloading the app onto a mobile device, women can use the app to book a pink auto from their phones.

The pink auto will then be able to pick them up wherever they are within a short span of time.

This is most useful for any situation where women are lost or stuck somewhere in a city and cannot gain access to any other form of public transport, especially during the evening or at night.

This new app-based service is scheduled to be released by Tygr sometime during this month. Already, ten pink autos are using this app, and more will be included in this service in the future.

A passenger will be able to book any of these vehicles within a three-kilometer radius of their location.

Pink auto app for safer rides

Pink auto app for safer rides

Sanjeev Singh, a Tygr official, has said how there will be an affordable base price for the rides, and that the services will be provided in a twelve-hour period: from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

With this app, women will be able to gain both the access to safe transport and the convenience of getting it anywhere.

Image Reference: WomenPlanet, IndiaTimes

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