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App that shows the safest route home

App that shows the safest route home

Meet Kalpana Viswanath who used her twenty years of urban safety expertise to make an app which lets users make complains regarding unsafe areas to local authorities so they will take applicable action.

That is not the only feature of the app, it can also be used to find out which areas are the best to travel in terms of safety and which areas you should to avoid.

The app is termed Safetipin and it conjointly includes such options as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and directions to safe locations, pins showing safe and unsafe areas. The app consists of a safety score for every location on the map.

The app was launched in November 2013. Safetipin has over 35,000 user downloads thus far and it also helped in several prompt actions by policy makers. This free map based application helps users check the security of a location. The safety of location is given on a scale called the safety score that is derived through safety parameters. These parameters are measured sometimes done by the Safetipin team, however all users have the option to do so.

Users can audit a location through app’s audit feature that has 9 parameters regarding safety: public transport, light, people, openness, visibility, gender diversity, walk path, security and feeling.

These parameters are set as per international standards and the ones relevant to India are also included within the app.

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