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Orgolove’s Clay pressure cooker improves food flavour

Orgolove’s Clay pressure cooker improves food flavour

Clay vessels were used in olden days. Clay cooking retains nutritional value in food and gives nice aroma and flavour to it. But, it needs patience in cooking these vessels. You have to cook on low or medium flame to avoid breaking of clay pots due to excess heating.

However, cooking in clay vessels is gaining popularity in the country. So, some startups are focussing on this.

Orgolove is one such startup which makes different clay vessels for cooking.

Orgolove’s clay pressure cooker is made of pure clay. It comes with a glass lid and whistle.

Himanshu Adhikari and Manish Tripathi are the founders of Orgolove to promote a healthy lifestyle. They began their venture in July 2020.

This Noida-based startup offers different clay products like clay bottles, pots, diyas, pans and many more products.  It provides a discount of up to 30 per cent on these products from 21st to 25th October 2020.

The founders describe the benefits of clay cooker as follows.

The clay pressure cooker of Orgolove retains nutrients in the pot as the cooker is meant for slow cooking.

Traditional pressure cookers vent excessive amount of steam and thereby destroy many nutrients in the cooked food.

The clay pressure cooker does not emit all the steam out. But, only vent the excess steam generated in the process.

Besides, the cooking process helps retain the food alkaline and reduces acidity.

The clay cooker is not coated with chemicals or non-stick materials. Cleaning is also easy. Only water or lemons should be used to clean it. Thus, it reduces the usage of water.

Cost of the clay pressure is ₹1,399 including the delivery charges.

Orgolove is selling around five products a day. Their products are sold across the country. They are receiving orders from other countries as well.

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