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Natural building material keep homes cooler

Natural building material keep homes cooler

Many offices work in air conditioning rooms. Employees spend most of the time in the offices. Hence, even though it is hot outside, there would not be any difference to them.

But now, most of the people are staying at home due to the lockdown. Some might not have ACs in their homes, while others find it difficult to use all the time due to high electricity bills.

However, it is difficult to stay at home if the rooms are hot in summer. Hence, eco-friendly homes are a good option.

Several engineers, architects and firms are seeking eco-friendly solutions to reduce carbon footprint.

Put Your Hands Together (PYHT), a Mumbai-based bio-architecture firm is one among them.

This company uses local and natural building materials to construct homes. Around 65 to 95 per cent of these building materials are biodegradable.

These materials include wood, mud, lime, bamboo, and stone. Moreover, they build climate-resilient homes using indigenous techniques. These techniques help keep the houses cooler by 7 degrees.

The founders of the company attended many workshops and met with people who were already exploring sustainable ways.

They started working on small projects of their friends and relatives. They built a small gate using bamboo and a small cover for a water tank.

Their research continued for eight months before starting a company. After that, they had taken up a full-fledged project with the help of their Interior Design professor.

Their first project was a construction of a weekend home. However, they completed this project successfully.

While the foundation of the house was made of stone and cement, the walls were made from bricks and mud. They used ‘cob technique’. In this technique, mud balls are layered on top of one another. And the mud was excavated from the construction site itself. Now, they are working on many more projects.

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