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Mobile technology to help TB patients get free treatment

Mobile technology to help TB patients get free treatment

It is a known fact that the treatment for TB needs a lot of medication regularly. Many poor people in the country are not able to keep up with the regimen because of this.

In order to help them, eCompliance helps in taking the medicine right to their doorsteps. OpAsha used this technology already and reached 9,000 TB patients in five countries around the world.

Operation ASHA is an organization whose aim is to eradicate TB and provide necessary help to patients in disadvantaged communities.

The Operation was started by Dr. Shelly Batra and a former government official Sandeep Ahuja in 2006. The operation reaches to TB patients who lack the access to medical services because of various constraints.

Dr. Shelly Batra previously had experience with working in financially disadvantaged communities. She had been providing free treatment and surgeries to patients who are not able to afford lifesaving procedures.

However, she came across many TB patients in her experience. As she learned more about the disease she understood that this disease needs her attention and intervention.

OpASHA started setting up TB treatment centres and has, to date, reached out to over 6.5 million TB patients across nine states of India.

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