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Mobile phone that revolutionized the lives of soya farmers

Mobile phone that revolutionized the lives of soya farmers

A simple mobile solution is now saving the lives of many soya farmers. This mobile project is doing a lot for the farmers, from helping them to enhance their harvest to connecting them to experts and enabling them to access valuable information, this project has helped a lot.

This mobile project is doubling the soya harvest of women farmers in Rajasthan. This mobile initiative with the name of Soya Samridhi is started by Self Reliant Initiatives Through Joint Action (SRIJAN). Thanks to this initiative, the harvest per hectare has increased from 12 quintals to 20 quintals in just one year.

SRIJAN’s mobile-based Soya Samriddhi project has an interesting approach to help women farmers manage their soya crops and get advice on relevant techniques and best practices from experts to enhance their harvest.

The service helps in monitoring the growth of the crop and also provides solutions in case of crop failure. The service has had a great positive impact of Indian agriculture. The field representatives of SRIJAN will help the farmers register using a smartphone and create their profile. The profile will consist of their primary details, land details, crop details, resource details etc. Then, a survey will be conducted which marks and measures the area to optimize input.

Seed rate, application of fertilizers, diseases in the crop, and any irregularities and important areas of intervention are also checked. Other forecasts and predictions are also provided.

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