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Aamoré revolutionizes Indian Alphonso mangoes

Aamoré revolutionizes Indian Alphonso mangoes

The Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company has introduced Aamoré, a new direct-to-consumer brand.

This initiative, spearheaded by smallholder farmers, aims to elevate the global perception of Indian agriculture and the prestigious Alphonso mango.

Aamoré unites over 300 smallholder farmers to deliver the highest quality Alphonso mangoes worldwide.

This brand empowers local farmers by providing them with advanced tools and knowledge for producing export-ready fruits.

The initiative includes establishing modern packhouse operations, employing sophisticated scanning technology for each mango, and implementing strategies to eliminate spongy tissue. Additionally, it ensures full traceability from farm to table.

In its inaugural year, Aamoré Alphonso mangoes will debut internationally, reaching consumers in various countries including the US, the UK etc. Besides, they are also sold in select Indian cities.

This global launch marks a significant milestone for Indian smallholder farmers, showcasing their potential on an international stage.

Consumers in the Delhi NCR region can order these premium mangoes through the Aamoré website. Many farmers expressed their satisfaction with the Aamoré initiative, noting that it empowers them significantly.

This program helps them overcome challenges in reaching the right customers, transforming them into visionary entrepreneurs.

Aamoré benefits not only farmers but also consumers by ensuring they receive high-quality mangoes. The advanced packhouse technology meticulously scans the mangoes to eliminate any spongy tissues.

Aamoré is built on two fundamental principles: empowering farmers to sustainably increase their incomes and providing consumers with top-quality Alphonso mangoes, certified as authentic Geographical Indication (GI).

Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company is devoted to enhancing the lives of smallholder farmers.

They achieve this through innovative agricultural practices and a strong commitment to quality and sustainability.

This initiative not only supports farmers in overcoming market challenges but also redefines the global perception of Indian agriculture.

By focusing on these pillars, Aamoré is transforming smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs and delivering superior produce to consumers worldwide.

Image Credit: Kunaljadhav19, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ALPHONSO_MANGO.jpg

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