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Elderly-man develops low-cost rainwater harvesting system

Elderly man develops low-cost rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater harvesting system helps solve water problems. Nowadays, many apartment complexes and buildings are using this system to avoid water problems. This elderly-man developed a low-cost rainwater harvesting system for his home to meet the needs of water requirement.

Sampath S is a retired bank employee. He lives in Bengaluru. Before moving to his own home in Jakkur, he lived in RT Nagar.

Later he shifted to his home in Jakkur. He found that there was a shortage of water supply in Jakkur to meet the needs. At that time, there were two options in front of him. Either to buy tankers or to opt for bore water. Buying tankers was expensive and consumption of bore water was not suitable due to a drastic reduction in groundwater levels in his area.

In this context, he sought the third way and decided to use a rainwater harvesting system for his house. He wanted to utilize it for drinking as well as domestic use. Since he wanted to use it for drinking, he installed filters that have self-cleaning capabilities. But they were expensive.

Besides, he observed water wastage in the due course of the cleaning process. He then chose an alternative and used cotton cloths as filters. But, the process required the attention of a person whenever it rained. It was also quite common that impurities and dirt would flow into the water tank.

Sampath wanted to address all these issues by developing an effective low-cost rainwater harvesting system. He researched a lot on the internet for this. He experimented and succeeded after many trials and errors. He used PVC pipe, paint buckets, meshes and filters for designing it. His system uses water filtration at three stages. Cost of the system is around ₹20,000.

Image Credit: SuSanA Secretariat / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gtzecosan/5981896147/

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rainwater_harvesting_tank_(5981896147).jpg

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