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Machine that makes biryani in seconds

Machine that makes biryani in seconds

Biryani is one of the most popular Indian recipes. Many citizens across the country fond of the dish.

Different styles of methods are used to prepare this popular recipe.

Chicken biryani, mutton biryani, fish biryani, prawn biryani etc. are some of the common types of biryani available in restaurants.

According to the order analysis of Swiggy, chicken biryani stood in the first place by being the most number of times. And it is a top selling food item across the country.

Often popular restaurants witness queues of customers waiting for biryani. Now, there is a machine that comes to solve this problem.

The biryani maker machine is a good solution being used in Mala, Thrissur.

The machine has three different devices that are made Japan, India and Germany.

The first device or segment fixes the masala for the recipe after adding the required meat and spice mixture to a tray. The second segment washes the rice and adds it to the cooking vessel. And finally the third device cooks the rice, meat and masala within half an hour.

This unique machine can cook 800 plates of biryani within an hour that means 6000 plates per day.

Al Ma Ida Restaurant in Thrissur has been using this machine. In addition to biryani, this machine can also make chicken tikka, chilly chicken, beef fry, ghee rice and kuzhi manthi an Arabic recipe.

Machine that makes biryani in seconds

Machine that makes biryani in seconds

What more, the machine automatically cleans up after the completion of cooking process.

This machine has an attached menu which is displayed on the monitor so that one can select the kind of biryani to be prepared.

Another speciality of the machine is that it does not use any oil to fry the meat nor any water to boil eggs. And 500 eggs are boiled in just 20 minutes.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia, Youtube

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