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Low cost Laryngoscope

Low cost Laryngoscope

To provide low-cost medical devices to doctors and to help poor people, this Bengaluru doctor is offering low-cost healthcare devices.

Dr Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy initially wanted to become an engineer but chose medicine.

However, he turned to an entrepreneur now to develop low-cost medical devices for patients in India.

He says that doctors are the best in healthcare entrepreneurship as they can understand the needs and demands of the patients better.

This ENT surgeon has more than two decades of experience. Using his experience, he is designing low-cost medical devices to reach every nook and corner of the country.

He designed an IoT-enabled video laryngoscope which costs around ₹22,000 while the traditional one costs nearly ₹5 lakh.

Laryngoscopes are vital as they are used in operation theatres, ICUs, ambulances etc.

Dr Kumaresh says that his video laryngoscope provides visualization of the larynx when inserted transnasally or transorally.

Different variants of the video laryngoscopes are available for different uses. One is for regular use and another variant is available for patients who are unable to open their mouths due to different conditions.

Various types of laryngoscopes are also available for newborn babies and infants.

His Wi-Fi/IoT-enabled video laryngoscope is operated on an android mobile phone/tablet. It can save the lives of people.

The paramedical staff in an ambulance may not have the entire medical knowledge to look after the patients. At that time, the doctors can guide them through remote guidance using emergency procedures.

Due to high cost, many hospitals in Tier II and Tier III cities do not have video laryngoscope. As the device is low-cost and available at a price of ₹22,000, Dr Kumaresh hopes many hospitals acquire it.

He also developed UV Bot, disinfecting equipment. This equipment uses powerful ultraviolet C radiation to sterilise and deodorise operation theatres, ICUs, laboratories etc.

While the cheapest one is available for ₹60 lakh, Dr Kumaresh wants to bring his device to around ₹10 -12 lakhs.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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