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Jharkand farmers with innovative farming techniques

Jharkand farmers

Farmers in Jharkand are using several innovative techniques to improve their lives and their produce.

There are even farmers who have doubles their yield with new techniques. These techniques include sustainable integrated farming systems, preparing vermin-compost at home and engaging with other farmers.

One of these innovative farmers is Savitri Devi. She is a farmer from Jhanji village and has become a model farmer in the district today. She successfully integrated sustainable integrated farming system techniques on her 60 decimals farmland. With these techniques she produces crops like maize, paddy, chickpea, millets, and potatoes.

Few years ago these farmers used to struggle in their daily lives without proper produce.  Savitri and many farmers like her were saved from these struggles with the start of a farmer’s club in the village.

This club was started under a unique food initiative and taught these farmers how to maximize their yields.

Farmers were taught how to make bio compost which made their lands more fertile and increase produce. This also helped farmers substitute expensive chemical fertilizers with naturally produced cow dung which is cheap. This increased the yield by 40 percent. The Sustainable Integrated Farming System has certainly set a standard for farmers across the country. It is expected that these techniques could change the lives of many farmers across the country.

Image Reference: thebetterindia

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