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Innovative way to encourage more girls to learn science

Innovative way to encourage more girls to learn science

Have you heard of FAT? Not the one you are thinking of. Feminist Approach to Technology is a Delhi-based organization aimed at encouraging girls and women to choose the fields of science and technology.

FAT uses innovative methods to teach about science.

They take in many girls coming from underprivileged households. They use a Jugaad lab to let them explore science.

Most of the girls they help come from places where they couldn’t learn much about science.

FAT was founded by Gayatri Buragohain.

Her aim is to encourage more women to get into the STEM fields.

The Jugaad lab by the organization offers unique methods of exploring scientific ideas.

It encourages these girls to experience the joy of exploring sciences.

The idea to start the Jugaad lab came to the organization in 2013.

Innovative way to encourage more girls to learn science



They conducted a study in five government schools and one private school to know why girls from underprivileged backgrounds are not joining STEM courses as much.

They found that girls often did not develop a good interest in STEM courses.

The reasons they found for that is lack of moral and infrastructural support in schools, lack of role models, and parental pressure for girls to choose courses like arts and home science.

Many of these girls don’t even have access to basic technology like phones and computers.

They are also forbidden from using them. In this lab, girls can happily use what they want without any restrictions.

With the help of the lab, the girls can understand what is stopping them from achieving success in these fields.

They also provide ways to counter discrimination against girls.

FAT is open to almost every girl.

However, there are some criteria they have to select their candidates.

The criteria is simple, the girl has to be from underprivileged background and must stay nearby.

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