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This innovation can turn any AC into air purifier

This innovation can turn any AC into air purifier

Air pollution is increasing in India in recent days. Reports state that 14 out of top 20 polluted cities in the world are in the country.

In this context, respiratory diseases are also increasing.

Aayush Jha’s father is one such person who had severe breathing problems two years ago.

Being a government employee, transfers are quite common for him. Two years ago, when he was transferred to Ghaziabad, his health started deteriorating.

Due to poor air quality, he encountered serious breathing problems.

At that time, Aayush Jha wanted to buy an air purifier for his father and found that most of them were expensive. Moreover, they don’t have proper monitoring system.

This prompted Aayush to start his own company, Clairco.

Clarico’s special air filters are fitted to the Air Conditioners in homes to turn them into air purifiers.

These low-drag air filters can be fitted into ACs and are compatible with low-power fans as well.

The most important feature with this device is it’s monitoring system.

Clairco uses predictive intelligence and connective devices and exactly analyses air quality data in a particular place. Then their filters are installed accordingly.

Their system can be connected though WiFi which then sends the data on particulate matter in the air to a dashboard on a mobile application.

Clairco device can purify the air and reduce up to 2.5-micron particulate matter. The device also alerts the users if replacement is needed for the filter.

Aayush says that the air quality of indoors is worse than outdoors especially in cities. That’s why air purifiers are essential to combat air pollution as people spend most of their time indoors.

Now, Clairco operates only for businesses and commercial spaces on a monthly subscription basis.

The company is planning to reach domestic spaces by 2020.

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