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Lesser known signs of heart disease

Lesser known signs of heart disease

Heart diseases are a big trouble in the modern day. The lifestyle of the present digital age is increasing the amount of chance one might face a heart disease.

It is important to remember that prevention is better than cure. Changing your lifestyle is a great way to reduce chance of heart disease.

When you find that you are facing certain signs in your body, you would know that you might have heart diseases. Signs like chest pain and fatigue are common enough to be immediately think of heart disease.

However, do you know there are many signs of heart disease that most people have no idea about. Read on to find out what they are.

Sexual dysfunction

This is common for both men and women. If you are not performing well in the bedroom, there could be many issues for it. Problems like erectile dysfunction for men and frigidity for women can be caused due to a variety of reasons. However, it should be noted that when the heart cannot pump blood efficiently, the problems can occur in genital areas.

Coughing constantly

While cough is normally ignored, it can be indicative of several things. Most of the times it is due to a viral flu or respiratory problem. However, if the lungs don’t receive blood properly from heart, it can also cause coughing.

Breathing trouble

Having trouble breathing and feeling congested can be a sign of heart disease. This is not always due to respiratory issues. Like mentioned above, if the lungs dry up due to lack of blood, it can cause breathing problems.

Leg swelling

There are many reasons for legs and arms swelling.

This can include pregnancy, weight gain, high blood pressure etc.

Heart disease can also cause legs to swell due to fluid build-up.

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