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How to survive a heart attack when alone?

How to survive a heart attack when alone

One of the biggest causes of death these days is heart attacks after strokes.

It was found recently that many deaths because of heart attacks occur because of negligence and lack of awareness towards the signs of heart attack.

Chest pains, improper and heavy breathing, and excessive sweating are some of the biggest signs of heart attacks.

If you are alone and are having a heart attack, here are some tips that can save your life.

Recognizing heart attacks

The first sign of heart attack is usually severe pain in the middle or left part of the chain. The pain lasts for about 20 minutes and it will radiate to the left upper arm, neck or even jaw. Another sign you will see is excessive sweating. Don’t ignore these signs especially if you are alone.

Seek help immediately

If you are experiencing heart attack, immediately call for an ambulance and other people. Do not try to drive and do not panic. If you are already driving, then immediately pull over and call for help.

Take an aspirin

It is proven that taking an aspiring during heart attack improves chances of survival. If you are alone then immediately take one.

Take heavy breaths

In order to survive heart attacks when alone, one of the best tips is to breath heavily. Take heavy breaths mixed with coughing. Cough strongly and constantly.

Put pressure to your heart

If you are experiencing a heart attack try to put pressure on your heart with your palm. This can help restore normal rhythm. This can help a lot in increasing survival chances.

Cough a lot

While coughing might not guarantee in helping during heart attacks, there is a good chance it can help restore normal heart rhythm. This can buy you more time during heart attacks.

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