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India’s first electric cab service

India’s first electric cab service

A company called Lithium is running India’s first electric cab service in Bengaluru. The company calls this the transportation of future. So far, their cabs have driven thirty lakh kilometers!

Lithium aims that in the future everyone will ride completely on renewable and non-polluting vehicles. As a run-up to this future, Lithium has made a fantastic start with its all-electric cab fleet in Bangalore.

Lithium Technologies was founded by Sanjay Krishnan. It started with just 10 electric cabs. In just nine months of time, the company has expanded to more than 200 vehicles in Bengaluru. Every day, every one of these cars travel around 200 to 300 kilometers.

This is saving a lot of fuel and helping the environment. Due to lithium cabs, 60,000 kilometers of hydrocarbon emission free transport is happening every day. This is saving that much of non-renewable fuel sources. As a result, nearly 11 tons of carbon emissions is being prevented every day.

Sanjay says that he was inspired to start this company from Star Trek. He says that he wanted to go where no man has gone.

Sanjay started Lithium by liaising with corporate offices in Bangalore. Slowly he got many companies to sign up with Lithium for providing transport for their employees. For now, Lithium is only serving corporate clients. Sanjay says that it will soon be available for public and more cities will be covered.

To Sanjay, charging the batteries was a big challenge with the electric cars. In order to tackle that issue, Lithium has already set up 200 high speed charging stations across the city. The clients of Lithium also provide charging facilities in their campuses.

The cars also have inbuilt GPS that cannot be tampered by the drivers. Sanjay says that Lithium gets a 4.7 star rating from its clients.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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