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India and the International Solar Alliance

India and the International Solar Alliance

Back in 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former French President Francois Hollande together formed the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

It’s a project that was launched as an effort to fight against climate change. The two countries have agreed to work on renewable energy and replace the use of fossil fuels.

As for now, the ISA has a total of 121 prospective countries.

In this important alliance, India holds a crucial role. Read on to find out what that role is.

This project aims to improve solar resources in various countries and reduce dependency on non-renewable resources.

The countries which joined this project are all trying to meet the energy requirements of the world.

The ISA aims to invest $1 trillion. It aims to raise this money from both the public and private investors.

Using this money, several solar projects will be started all over the world which can supply a total of 1 TW energy.

When it comes to what India will be contributing to this project, PM Modi said that India will produce 175 GW electricity from renewable sources by 2022. The country aims to produce 100 GW of energy from solar sources.

India has distributed 28 crore LED bulbs in three years which helped in saving $2 billion of money and 4 GW of electricity.

Furthermore, India will be providing 500 training slots for ISA member countries. The country will also lead R&D by starting a solar tech mission.

The 121 prospective countries were chosen based on their location and how much sunlight they receive throughout the year.

Out of these 121 countries, 56 have been signed to be ISA members so far since 2015.

ISA also holds the record to being the first international body to have a secretariat in India. Its first assembly will be held in Delhi on 2nd October 2018.

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