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IIT innovates – Burnless cancer treatment

IIT innovates - Burnless cancer treatment

Cancer is one of the most horrifying and scary diseases a person can get. Some argue that it is not the cancer that scares them, but it is the treatment.

Cancer, while there are many treatments to it, there are no definite cures to it.

Most of the treatments for cancer are known to be extremely taxing to the patients. They damage the body and make the person feel weak.

The usual treatment consists chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tumour surgery, and — in some cases– hormonal therapy. These treatments are meant to inhibit cancer cell growth.

All these treatments take a lot of toll on the body. They come with many side effects.

Chemotherapy comes with severe nausea and vomiting. Tumor surgery and hormonal therapy also has severe side effects.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is another method of cancer treatment.

One can say that this method generates enough heat to burn the tumor and its cancer cells. It kills the cells which are later absorbed by the body.

When this method is used to treat cancers like breast cancer, it has side effects like burning soft cells and gives painful burns to the patient.

Now IIT Ropar has come up with a new innovation for this RFA method which can reduce the skin burns by a lot.

This makes it so that patients go through considerably less painful aftermath of their treatment.

IIT innovates - Burnless cancer treatment

IIT innovates – Burnless cancer treatment

The scientists at IIT Ropar used convective cooling to achieve this.

The way this works is by controlling the RFA in such a way that the heat gets distributed evenly using the motion of a liquid.

After testing, it was found that this process can take slightly longer to burn the tumor but the surrounding areas such a significant reduction in heat.

This method can be only used on single tumors now, but its potential to revolutionize the cancer treatment is high.

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