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Hundred instruments in one device

Hundred instruments in one device

Jaywant Utpat created a gadget that can make the utilization of a many musical instruments simple. From Tabla to Dholak, this device can deliver many sounds by only a solitary click.

Jaywant Utpat, student of world popular Tabla player, late Ustad Alla Rakha, has been performing at different national and global stages since the 1970s along with absolute most prestigious names of the Indian music industry like Pandit Jasraj, Shankar Mahadevan, Suresh Wadkar, Pankaj Udhas, Talat Aziz and numerous more.

He discovered that many different instruments have to be used to get different sounds. Different tablas are required for tuning with a male’s voice and a female’s voice. It wasn’t feasible to carry so many instruments everywhere, so he thought of inventing something that could accommodate all the sounds together, Utpat says.

Then he came up with the Percussion Synthesizer for Indian Music. He started developing the device in 2008. After performing a lot of study, he came up with a software which can be used as an alternative for many instruments.

He based his device on similar called Handsonic which was nowhere close to the goal he aimed. Then he developed his software to make sure that a device which can substitute many instruments is available.

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