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Helping farmers with internet

Helping farmers with internet

An Agro tech startup called Agrowbook is using technology and internet to help farmers.

In this digital era, everything is using technology to stay relevant. Even in rural areas, technology is playing a big role.

Where people are making use of technology they are getting more opportunities.

This is something that Subhas Lode saw as a way to help more rural citizens.

He was the son of a farmer. One day he saw some illiterate farmers using smartphones.

They were using it for music and simple apps.

That was when he got the idea for creating an online platform for farmers.

Since he had experience of farming gained from his father, he knew what kind of problems farmers typically have.

He wanted his platform to address two main issues.

The first was related to logistics and the second was about lack of knowledge for many farmers.

Helping farmers with internet

Helping farmers with internet


He quit his IT job and began working on up Agrowbook. That led to the creation of this social networking platform for farmers in Telangana.

Agrowbook offers simple services. They provide a person to be the bridge between both the farmer and the vendor. Both of them will be in a single platform to make sure the pricing is correct.

The website is like an online marketplace plus it also works as an information hub for users.

The users will be provided with updates on various government schemes, agricultural news etc as well.

Helping farmers with internet

Helping farmers with internet


Agrowbook also has a helpline on the platform. This is intended for farmers. Here, farmers can upload images of their pest-infected farm.

They will be provided with the right advice on what products they should buy.

All the research will be done by experts from Agrowbook. They will provide the solution for the farmer’s problem.

Agrowbook initially worked only online. Now, they have started operating at ground level in a small village in Telangana.

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