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Handmade soaps for skin problems

Handmade soaps for skin problems

Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by several people. Frequent face washing helps to control it.

However, not all soaps or face washes available in the market are good for your skin due to harsh chemicals in them.

To solve the problem, this woman is making hand-made soaps for acne.

Medha Arun Raju from Chennai has a salon. Several customers visit the salon with skin problems like dry skin and acne, and hair problems like dandruff and hair fall.

Like others, Medha does not recommend expensive or chemical treatment; rather, she prefers natural methods.

She believes the age-old recipes such as grandmothers’ recipes work well with most skin types. Hence, she tried using oranges for her clients who seem to lack vitamin C.

She used to add papaya peels while applying face pack. Her clients feel happy by seeing the home-made packs.

After many years of practical experience, Medha brought her products in the market. She made many scrubs and packs using her hands-on experience and started the ‘Essence of Earth’ brand.

She has been improving the products under the brand. So far, she made 24 varieties of soaps, massage oils and hair oils.

Her handmade soaps are popular for acne. For example, she uses shavings of the coconuts rather than extracts in her coconut soap.

She makes 120 soaps on an average per day. She uses no machines. Everything including mixing, blending, pouring etc. can be done by her. She has four employees to help her in packaging.

She also makes 50-100 hair oil bottles as per the demand. She has many loyal customers.

One of her customers says that the tea tree and clove soap bars are beneficial to treat the eczema of his daughter. The natural ingredients in these soaps protect the skin from various problems.

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