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Go Do Deed’s innovative packaging solutions

Go Do Deed’s innovative packaging solutions

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, Go Do Good (GDG), a Pune-based startup, is making waves with its innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Founded by Khushboo Gandhi in 2021, GDG aims to reduce the carbon footprint of e-commerce, logistics, and F&B sectors by replacing traditional plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives.

GDG’s lab is a treasure trove of materials like coconut coir, Areca fibres, cacao, banana fibres, hemp fibres, wood waste, egg shells, walnut shells, and even cigarette butt fibres.

These seemingly ordinary items are transformed into profitable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Among their innovations are coir pouches as an alternative to bubble wrap and seaweed films replacing PE Coated Paper, a non-recyclable plastic found in various packaging materials.

GDG’s packaging for cakes and laddoos uses plant-based gums and water-based inks made from organic waste, offering a biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based inks.

Wool waste is repurposed into pouches and liners that outperform traditional bubble wrap and foam packaging.

Khushboo’s passion for sustainability dates back to her childhood when she turned old clothes into sellable items.

Her innovative spirit continued through college, where she preferred experimenting with unconventional materials over following standard design practices.

Khushboo’s latest achievement is creating white ink for eco-friendly printing, adding to the seven colours GDG already offers.

The startup’s clientele includes companies committed to sustainable practices. Despite their success, GDG remains bootstrapped, growing in revenue and team strength without seeking external funding.

A significant challenge for GDG is combating green-washing, where products falsely claim to be eco-friendly.

Khushboo says that many consumers are not aware of real eco-friendly products. As a result, they believe even the companies’ false claims and buy fake products.

It is not impossible to gain knowledge on genuine eco-friendly products, however, one must be careful while choosing them.

GDG’s journey exemplifies how innovation and sustainability can coexist, offering a brighter future for the environment and setting a benchmark for businesses worldwide.

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Image Reference: https://www.go-dogood.com/

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