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FreshMonk – An innovative service for T-shirt designers


FreshMonk helps in easy creation and sale of T-shirts. Users do not have to pay lot of cash up front with this service. The users of FreshMonk do not need to guess how many T-shirts they might need or what size. This innovative service works in a very simple way to help creative T-shirt designers focus on their talent rather than worry about these issues.

The creator of the t shirt has to go to the website where they can use their designer tool to design a T-shirt. If the user runs into any problem, they can contact the design experts of FreshMonk to help them out.

Once the design process is done, the user can choose their selling price and set a sales goal. They can also set a profit margin. The printing of T-shirts will only start after the set sales goals are met. Once this is done, the user can create a campaign and promote their T-shirt. They can also get pre orders for their shirts which can help them reach their goals faster. The pre ordering here is free as the buyers will only get charged if the sales goal is met.

Once the goal is reached, the user can collect their profit at the end. The users can continue to sell their shirts even after the goal is reached till the campaign ends. So, if you have a t shirt idea lying around in your brain and you don’t want spend money on it before hand, then start using FreshMonk.

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