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En-Ripe – A safe Fruit Ripener

En-Ripe – A safe Fruit Ripener

Mangoes season is approaching. The colourful and ripened mangoes attract customers. However, most of the fruits are ripened using Calcium Carbide.

Though the government banned the ripening of fruits with Calcium Carbide, it is continuing in many places.

Fruit vendors and farmers have to use an ethylene chamber to ripen fruits. However, the process is difficult and time-consuming. Besides, the chambers are expensive. That’s why many fruit vendors and farmers use Calcium Carbide for ripening fruits. Some others use Ethephon, a pesticide that is harmful to human health.

To provide a safe solution to fruit vendors, a Hyderabad based company came up with a safe alternative, En-Ripe.

En-Ripe is a fruit ripening powder available in pouches. Heighten Innovative Solutions developed the product.

Each pouch can ripe around 20 kgs of mangoes. The cost of each pouch is ₹15. En-Ripe is based on ethylene, which helps ripe fruits naturally without damaging the health of consumers.

The pouch is a powder made from food-grade ingredients and natural starches. It also has activated carbon and is flushed with ethylene.

The company claims that the powder is safe for consumption and non-toxic. It was tested and validated by several laboratories. The Telangana State Food Lab approved that the powder has no toxic deposits.

FSSAI recognized the powder to be a safe solution for ripening fruits. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Indian Institute of Chemical Technology tested the product and found no heavy metals in it. Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hyderabad, confirmed that there is no Ethephon in the powder.

En-Ripe does not need additional infrastructure. It is easy to use even during transit. It needs three days for the mangoes to ripen and 48 hours for papaya and banana. But it just needs 24 hours for custard apple and sapota to ripe.

The company claims usage of the powder not just increases the quality, shelf-life, but improves the flavour and aroma as well.

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