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Electric Shock proof device to save farmers

Electric Shock proof device to save farmers

Electric cables remain one of the most awful causes of death in most of the rural areas. Power supply problems, short- circuits and other related causes also play a significant role in killing many people.

To put an end to such problems, Satya Illa designed an innovative device. This electric shock proof device saves farmers and other people in rural areas.

There is a heart-wrenching cause behind the innovation of Satya. When he was six-year-old, one of his friends was trying to catch his falling kites. The kite got entangled in electric cables. He was electrocuted when he tried to catch.

This traumatic incident got imprinted in his mind. It took several years to overcome his fear of electrical devices.

However, he decided to find out solutions to reduce mortalities due to electrocution. He found that low maintenance of electric devices including poorly maintained wires is one of the primary causes for electrocution.

In his research, he also observed that faulty motor pumps used in irrigating fields caused severe shocks which in turn lead to deaths.

Then, he began exploring ways to provide a solution. He created a shockproof three-phase electrical motor pump.

Electric Shock proof device to save farmers the existing alternatives in the market. It is priced at ₹7,000.

His device has many merits as well. The device has a single-phase preventer and safety equipment to protect the farmers.

Satya had some hands-on experience as he worked with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) during his engineering. He also met many young leaders in Kerala.

All these efforts made him work on his goal efficiently. He created four prototypes

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