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Ecofriendly banana fibre jeans developed by Chennai weavers

Ecofriendly banana fibre jeans developed by Chennai weavers

Wearing jeans is very common now. It is suitable for all occasions. Whether it is a college or office many Indians prefer to wear jeans.

Now that it is summer. Cool fabric types are preferred to escape from the hot sun.

Cotton is the most desired fabric in this season.

Now, you can add banana fibre to your collection. This new and innovative fabric is eco-friendly and keeps your body cool.

Moreover, it is an indigenously developed fabric by Indian weavers.

Anakaputhur is little suburb in Chennai. Yet, it was famous as a weavers’ village all over the world. Their production has gone down for many decades.

However, the weavers of that village did not give up their profession. They decided to keep the tradition by developing new and innovative types of fabric.

They are constantly striving to bring out new models that are eco-friendly. In this context, they developed denim variety which is made out of banana fibre.

This unique type of eco-friendly fibre was launched in recent years. Chennai weavers developed this fabric which is the latest in a long line of similar fabric in current years.

Ecofriendly banana fibre jeans developed by Chennai weavers

Ecofriendly banana fibre

The new denim variety had been developed from cotton and banana fibre is ideal for summer to cool your body as it absorbs more water.

They also made skirts with this materials. Natural colours are being used. They use coconut shells as buttons instead of metal buttons.

Developing new designs is not a new thing to this weavers. Earlier also, they had developed some innovative products.

A team of weavers from this suburb introduced sarees that were made from Java cotton in 2014. Java cotton is a type of fibre acquired from the kapok tree.

Sekar, the president of the Jute Weavers Association is also famous for testing with types of fabric.


Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, YouTube

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