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Eco cooker that saves LPG

Eco cooker that saves LPG

Cooking with an open pan or pot place on an open flame generally tends to cause a lot of wastage of energy. This is because the heat is lost along with the steam when cooking without cover. Furthermore, there is also heat loss from sides of the surface of the cooking vessel.

To prevent this wastage of heat, researchers of the Land Research Institute (LRI) (an NGO involved in research) and the students and faculty members of Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai designed the Eco Cooker. It is a new type of cooking equipment which saves LPG. It is even more effective in places where large scale cooking occurs.

The Eco Cooker is said to have saved 75% fuel under laboratory conditions and offers about 60% saving on the use of LPG in domestic and commercial kitchens. The cooker has a modified regulator which releases gas to maintain constant temperature.

It is said that cooking of pulses continues after a temperature of 90 degree Celsius is reached. Rice is cooked after 75 degree Celsius. Based on these facts, the cooker overcomes the flaws of open pan cooking.

There will a burner of suitable size through which there will be controlled gas flow to minimize heat loss.

In the cooker, the vessels are placed in a stack one above the other inside an enclosed system. This prevents loss of steam. The steam of lower vessel heats the one above it. The vessels are insulated to minimize heat loss.

As a result, the temperature of the items will be maintained above 90 degree Celsius for a long time even after the burner is off. This means, all it takes is to bring the vessel to boiling point once and the burner can turned off. This technology is especially useful in large scale cooking situations like canteens.

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