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Dressing that cures wounds faster for diabetics

Dressing that cures wounds faster for diabetics

For normal people, an open wound takes about 23 days to fully heal without treatment.

However, this is not the case for people who have diabetes.

It takes at least 26 days for an open wound to heal for diabetic people, and it often takes even longer. This can lead to chronic non-healing wounds.

Eventually, this can even lead to complications like full amputations.

Therefore, it can be very challenging for doctors to treat the wounds of diabetic people. It is also very difficult for the diabetic people themselves to bear these slow-healing wounds.

There are some wound dressing alternatives available, but they are not commercially-viable due to their expensive costs.

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) have developed a new dressing that can change everything for diabetic people suffering slow-healing open wounds.

This new dressing is made using psyllium husk (isabgol) and a carbon allotrope.

The dressing has already been tested on rats. With this dressing, diabetic wounds healed in 20 days, instead of the usual 26-day period required for them to heal.

Not only does this dressing help heal diabetic wounds more quickly, but it helps normal wounds heal more quickly as well.

The rat tests showed that, with this dressing on, normal wounds healed in 16 days instead of 23 days.

One of the authors of the research paper at IIT-M, Vignesh Muthuvijayan, said how the inflammation lasts longer in open diabetic wounds than normal wounds.

This delays the formation of the cellular matrix and blood vessels. However, they are not sure why this happens.

This new dressing addresses this issue in diabetic wounds, since it contains reduced graphene oxide.

The active biomedical properties of graphene oxide have not been used in the past, but this new dressing aims to explore them.

The material of the dressing improves the formation of blood vessels and helps wounds heal more quickly.

This new dressing will also be very affordable, since the team is planning to sell it at ₹1,000.

Although results have yet to be seen in humans, this new dressing will hopefully be very helpful for the slow-healing wounds of diabetic people.

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