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Delhi’s fog cannons to deal with air pollution

Delhi’s fog cannons to deal with air pollution

Many people know that Delhi is suffering with smog and pollution problems since quite a while.

The nation’s capital is making its citizens sick with pollution.

The government of Delhi has launched several initiatives to counter this problem.

They tried the odd and even rule where vehicles with a number with an odd number plate are allowed to travel on one day and vehicles with even number plates are allowed to travel on another.

Of course, these methods are still yet to make a significant improvement in air quality.

Now the Delhi government is planning to use new tech to fight the problem of air quality.

This new tech is called Cloud Tech’s ‘fog cannon’. Cloud Tech is a company from Haryana. They made a fog cannon which is expected to down smog levels.

This cannon is also called the anti-smog cannon. It made up of a huge cylindrical drum and a water tank a high-velocity fan attached. The cannon sprays out water from the tank in the form of micro-droplets into the air.

These droplets stick to the pollutants, especially particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10. As a result, they get weighed down.

At present, the fog cannon is being tested in Anand Vihar ISBT area of Delhi. It is one of the most polluted areas.

According to Vimal Saini, director of Cloud Tech, the fog cannon was made to counter airborne dust particles at areas with mining activities, demolition work, and bulk material handling.

Delhi’s fog cannons to deal with air pollution

Delhi’s fog cannons to deal with air pollution

The machines have managed to cut down 95% of airborne dust particles.

Recently, deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and environment minister Imran Hussain demonstrated this fog cannon.

The conditions at Anand Vihar area are being monitored to see if the cannon is reducing the smog levels.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia, Hindustantimes

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