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Helping children breath through the Delhi smog

Helping children breath through the Delhi smog

The capital of India is continuing to battle the thick blanket of smog that has covered the area since the beginning of this week. Around the city, people are struggling to find ways to breathe cleaner air, while others have no access to anything that will allow them to escape the pollution.

Schools are still remaining shut, and many people are resorting to buying air purifiers and masks in order to breathe more easily in their own homes.

However, a young 24-year-old man is going out of his way to protect other people besides himself during this crisis, and he is reaching out to the homeless, runaway, and slum children on the streets of Delhi.

A working professional and a graduate from BITS Pilani, Naman Munot is striving to educate poor street children about the importance of keeping themselves safe from the smog, and he is also providing them with the ability to do so.

So far, he has educated over 500 children about the importance of protecting themselves from the many diseases that can be caused by this degrading air quality, such as asthma, bronchitis, or lung damage.

Additionally, he has provided these children with free air pollution masks, which gives them the ability to protect themselves from acquiring these diseases.

By doing this, Naman says that he can inspire others to protect both themselves and the millions of uneducated children living on the streets.

These children are in need of help from people who know how to protect themselves from smog-related diseases, since they, at their young ages, are especially vulnerable to these illnesses.

Helping children breath through the Delhi smog

Helping children breath through the Delhi smog

During Naman’s last year of college, he had worked on a research study on Air Pollution in Delhi, under Dr. Gazala Habib, an Associate Professor in IIT Delhi. This research allowed him understand the impact of PM 2.5 particles, which has led him to realize the magnitude of the effect that this smog can have Delhi and its residents.

Thus, although his gestures are small, he feels that every mask he gives to a street child counts for protecting that child’s well-being and life.

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